On the occasion of today’s holiday.

10. My friends. Most people I know annoy me. Some don’t. I even enjoy spending time with a few. I hope they know who they are.

9. My family. Dad worked hard to provide for us, my sister means more to me than she knows, and my nieces are probably the closest I’ll come to having children of my own. I love them all.

8. The Moms. She gets her own entry because, well, she’s The Moms – the most instinctively loving, kind and open-minded person I know. Aside from the person who tops this list, no one has done more to make me the spectacularly modest person I am today.

7. Judy. While we’re on the subject of moms, here’s a shout out to the moms-in-law, the most courageous person I know. She’s also half responsible for item No. 1 on this list.

6. The helicopter sequence in “Superman.” I’ve watched it hundreds of times, and it still gives me chills.

5. The Internet. It allows me to read newspapers from the other side of the planet, catch up with TV shows I missed, meet new people, and shop without having to venture into suburbia. And let’s not forget about the gay porn! (I’m kidding, of course. … I don’t really read foreign newspapers online.)

4. My job. Sometimes I gripe about it, but I try to never lose sight of its awesomeness. It’s good to work for an organization you believe in and a boss you admire.

3. My fellow Americans. They just elected as president the most capable, inspiring candidate of my lifetime, even though his middle name is Hussein. It’s been four weeks and I still have trouble believing it really happened.

2. My home. The building is shabby, the neighborhood is hopelessly dull, but there’s almost no place I’d rather be.

1. Andrew. The love of my life, my best friend, my hero, the smartest person I know, the person I hope to become when I grow up and the best thing that ever happened to me. There’s no one with whom I’d rather see a movie, take to dinner, spend a lazy Saturday morning at home or stay up late chatting over a bottle of wine. The life we’ve built together is the most precious thing I know. Plus he makes a marvelous apple pie – with a lattice crust, no less!