twilight1OK, now I get it. When Andrew read the “Twilight” series this summer, I turned up my nose, wondering what could be so engrossing about a love story between a teenage girl and her vampire boyfriend. Now, having seen “Twilight,” the movie based on the first novel in the series, the appeal is clear. The film offers a fresh interpretation of familiar vampire mythology, and the gray-yet-lush Pacific Northwest scenery provides the perfect setting for a moody, seemingly doomed romance. But the real attraction here are the leads: Kristen Stewart, who is effortlessly good as the wise-beyond-her-years Bella; and Robert Pattinson, whose wild-haired brooding recalls a young Johnny Depp. Both actors are naturals, and naturally beautiful. They keep “Twilight” grounded, no small feat for a movie that includes a vampire baseball game. The “Twilight” series is often compared to the “Harry Potter” books, given the fanatical following both sagas inspire. I haven’t read either, so I can’t say if the comparison is fair. But this I do know: “Twilight” the movie made me want to read the novel on which it was based, a feat the “Harry Potter” films never managed.

My rating: Four out of five vampire baseballs