On the occasion of her feeling blue.

10. She has sass to spare. Case in point: Her Facebook status line on Election Day – “Robin voted the shit out of this thing.” Now that’s sassy!

9. She reads comic books. That’s always cool, especially when it’s a chick doing the reading.

8. She may be a Cylon. If I’m not nice to her, she might crush my skull.

7. She likes to perv out. Bonus points for lurving Seth Rogen.

6. She is full of surprises. Improv? Who knew?

5. She knows obscure television. Um, “Living Dolls” anyone?

4. She has so much to teach the world about blogging. The rest of us can only hope to replicate a fraction of her success.

3. She complains at least as much as me. Again, her Facebook status line tells the tale: “Robin is hoping her neighbors will learn how to put out their fucking garbage.” How bitchy!

2. She adores Andrew almost as much as me. Almost.

1. She is a splendid writer. I pay no higher compliment than this.