On the occasion of wanting to get rid of this crap before the new year begins.

img_13215. “Bewitched”/“I Dream of Jeannie” lunchboxes. I used these to decorate the kitchen in my first apartment. I thought I was so fucking cute. Gag. (Update: Holy shit, they already sold.)





img_13194. Batman salt and pepper shakers/Superman dish towel hanger.  More shit from my first apartment. I was really into the kitsch, wasn’t I?






img_13203. Tin reproductions of old Superman/Batman comic book covers. These hung on my kitchen wall behind item Nos. 1 and 2. I must have been the most pathetic cocksucker in D.C.





img_13172. Batman cookie jar. If his codpiece as a little bigger, I might be willing to hold onto this.










img_13161. Superman cookie jar. Moses smell the roses. What a loser I was.