On the occasion of physically appealing men always making good subject matter for these lists.

sr-sidarth25. S.R. Sidarth a.k.a. “Macaca.” This is kind of cheating. Sidarth was famous in 2006, when his camcorder helped end the career of Sen. George Allen of Virginia. Until then, Allen was a front-runner for this year’s Republican presidential nomination, so Sidarth kinda qualifies for this list. OK, that’s a stretch, I know. But look at this kid. He’s beautiful.




nick-jones14. Nick Jones. Again, a bit of a cheat. Jones caught the eye of many a gay man in 2005, when his grandfather was revealed to be Deep Throat, the most famous informant in journalism. But since Felt died last week, handsome young Nick sorta qualifies for this list.




muntadar-al-zaidi13. Muntadar al-Zaidi. This is the guy who threw his shoes at George W. Bush during the president’s visit to Iraq last week. Since then, he’s probably been beaten beyond recognition by the Iraqi authorities. What a shame. He has such a nice face.






mitch-reinholt22. Mitch Reinholt. The dreamboat who stole the show in this year’s sleeper documentary “American Teen.”









Palin Wasilla Heartthrob1. Levi Johnston. Bristol Palin’s babydaddy. Like most high school athletic stars, he’ll probably start losing his looks soon. Until then, let’s all enjoy the splendor of our dear, dim Levi.