On the occasion of feeling thankful.

plaid-pajama-bottoms9. Plaid pajama bottoms. Remember how Ricky Ricardo would wear the pajama bottoms and Lucy would wear the top? I wonder if Andrew and I could recreate that look in our home?















the-kennedys-portrait-of-a-family8. through 6. “The Kennedys: Portrait of a Family,” “Remembering Jack,” “A Time It Was.” I went on a real Kennedy kick in the spring and summer, reading a ton of books about Jack and Bobby. I added these photography books to my Amazon wish list and – surprise! – I got all three.











































brushed-cotton-blazer5. Brushed cotton blazer. I really like the way this fits. Of course, if I don’t quit eating the Christmas cookies, I’ll never be able to wear it.















lincoln-the-biography-of-a-writer4. “Lincoln: The Biography of a Writer.” This has made several critics’ year-end “best of 2008” lists. I hope it lives up to the hype.
















the-west-wing43. “The West Wing.” I’ve wanted to own the complete series since, well, the series ended. It’s about time someone got this for me.












canon-pixma-mp6202. Canon Pixma MP620. Truly an unexpected surprise. Now I can digitize my TV Guide collection and post it here! Imagine the storage room I’ll save.










big-ben1. Big Ben ornament. The ninth ornament Andrew has given me in our eight-and-a-half-years together. I hope this will become an enduring reminder of the time we spent in London this year.