On the occasion of feeling compelled to impress Andrew and horrify Robin.

10. “American Boy,” Estelle. I, too, would like to know what’s underneath Kanye’s baggy jeans.

9. “Closer,” Ne-Yo. Aside from Andrew, I receive most of my exposure to new music from VH1’s “Jump Start,” which is where I discovered this. “Closer” is one of those songs that’s best enjoyed in video form, thanks to Ne-Yo’s smooth dance moves.

8. “4 Minutes,” Madonna and Justin Timberlake. With its “tick tock tick tock tick tock” refrain, this song was made to be used in a “24” promo.

7. “Green Light,” John Legend (featuring Andre 3000). This dude could sing a GAO report and make me feel funny down there.

6. “Run,” Leona Lewis. I like the Snow Patrol version, but is there any doubt “Run” was made for her to sing? What I like about Leona is that her performances are strong without devolving into Mariah- or Whitney-esque histrionics.

5. “No Air,” Jordin Sparks (featuring Chris Brown). I watched this video a gazillion times on VH1 and never tired of it.

4. “Mercy,” Duffy. Love that ’60s vibe.

3. “Without You,” The Feeling. A terrific little song about feeling homesick. Andrew suspects the song’s refrain – “It’s raining hard in North Virginia/Just like London Town” – was inspired by a gig this British band played at a Borders bookstore in Bailey’s Crossroads, Va., a few years ago. I’m confident rain is the only thing soulless Northern Virginia has in common majestic London.

2. “Kids,” MGMT. Fun indie pop.

1. “Bleeding Love,” Leona Lewis. Robin, hate me if you must, but this is a spectacular pop song.