On the occasion of ending a pretty darn good year.

10. Some Friday night in the winter or spring: Drinking too many margaritas with Andrew and Erin at the Guapo’s in Tenleytown, then going next door to purchase Snickerdoodle cookies at Whole Foods, then holding them up to a heat lamp while declaring, “Fresh baked!” You’d have to be there.

9. Some Sunday afternoon in May: Meeting Albert. At long last, Andrew and I have a good friend in our own neighborhood. If only there was something good to do there.

8. Saturday, June 21: Treating The Moms to her first cosmopolitan on the patio at Poste after taking her to see “Sex and the City.” One sip and she was hammered. It was cute.

7. Saturday, July 21: Attending the Grammy Foundation’s Starry Night dinner in Los Angeles with my boss. I attended a dinner with Chris Martin, Tom Jones, Yoko Ono and Sir George Martin, but truth be told, the best part was spending the evening with the boss. (No, not Springsteen. The actual boss.)

6. Saturday, Aug. 9: Reaching the end of our canoe expedition in Lost River, W.Va. If ever you hear me say I want to go canoeing again, please have me committed, because I’ve clearly lost my mind. (Still, if I must have a miserable “Deliverance”-style experience, I suppose I’d rather have it with Justin and Steve than just about anyone else.)

5. Thursday, Aug. 21: Meeting Nikolai the Serbian Waiter in Rehoboth Beach, Del. Ah, Nikolai. How sad that our summer love affair that existed only in my mind. (Just as your romance with Andrew existed only in his.) We’ll always have Aqua.

4. Thursday, Oct. 21: Touring the Tower of London. Dickie Dover, tour guide extraordinaire, made this the highlight of my visit to London. You can see video of his Jack the Ripper tour here.

3. Tuesday, Nov. 4: Watching CNN declare Barack Obama president-elect. One day, I hope I look back on that night and realize it was the moment the world changed forever.

2. Sunday, Dec. 14: Treating The Dads and family to brunch at the Guapo’s in Tenleytown A nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

1. Any and every evening I spend with Andrew. In the summertime, there is absolutely no one I’d rather stay up all night talking with over a bottle of wine on the balcony. In the wintertime, nothing makes me happier than looking across the living room and seeing him sitting in his chair, wearing his headphones and blogging away. I am thankful for him every day.