On the occasion of being surprised to learn there were 10 shows I actually enjoyed this year.

10. “Project Runway,” Bravo. Still television’s best “reality” show.

9. “90210,” CW. I wasn’t a huge fan of the original, but the revival is my guiltiest pleasure. Memo to the producers: Your main cast is beginning to click, but please don’t forget about Shannen Doherty, whose guest appearances as Brenda remain the best reason to watch this show.

8. “CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.” Yes, Couric’s interviews with Sarah Palin were devastating, but that wasn’t the only reason this was the newscast to watch in 2008. Her “Presidential Questions” interviews were revealing, offering the kind insight into the candidates’ thinking that voters couldn’t find anywhere else.

7. “True Blood,” HBO. We don’t have HBO (long story), but I saw the pilot on DVD. That was enough to earn it a place on this list.

6. “Saturday Night Live,” NBC. Tina Fey’s cold openings are deservedly rave-worthy, but don’t overlook Kristen Wiig, who almost single-handedly kept the show alive for the remaining 85 minutes each week.

5. “30 Rock,” NBC. The last great sitcom?

Swingtown4. “Swingtown,” CBS. The cancellation of this prime time serial – which played more like a gauzy memory of suburban America in the ’70s than a soap opera – was the greatest TV crime of the year. “Swingtown” was the spiritual descendent of my beloved “Knots Landing,” boasting a triumphant triumvirate of women characters – Susan, Janet and Trina – that recalled Karen, Val and Abby in their heyday. If CBS’s suits were smart – heavy emphasis on the “if” – they’d keep “Swingtown” alive, making the show a summertime tradition.

3. “Battlestar Galactica,” Sci Fi. Not its strongest season, but even on a bad day it’s better than almost anything else on television.

2. “Lost,” ABC. After all this time, “Lost” continued to confound and compel in 2008. One of television’s all-time great shows.

1. “Mad Men,” AMC. The period setting and costumes mask this show’s greatest strength: its utter weirdness. Every character is at least a little strange, and you never know what kooky thing they’re going to make next. That, more than anything else, is what kept me coming back week after week.